Happy Mothers Day Gifts Guide For Jewellery Lovers

Looking for a meaningful gift that will last a lot longer than flowers?  Treat the amazing moms in your life with a piece of meticulously handcrafted jewellery and show her your love and appreciation.  We've created designs to delight your mom, daughter, sister, wife, bestie or girlfriend in our

💞Happy Mothers Day Gifts Guide💞


Pearl jewellery creations for the mom who's a modern classic.   

Mother's Day Gifts Guide: Pearls by Mikel Grant Jewellery


Pearls are the perfect mothers day gift idea for the woman who loves an updated classic.   Pearl jewellery is timeless and our handcrafted artisan creations are sure to delight her. 

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Stay connected with handcrafted love knot jewellery.

Happy Mothers Day Gifts Guide Love Knot Collection

Widely regarded as symbols of love, connection and protection, love knot jewellery spans time and culture.  The interlocking rings represent an eternal bond; you are independent, yet forever connected.  The love knot is a tangible reminder of the love you carry in your heart.
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West coast beach inspired artisan jewellery for moms who favour laid back style.

Mothers Day Gifts Guide Coast Collection by Mikel Grant Jewellery
Inspired by the weather-worn shapes of our west coast beaches, this collection was designed to connect her to that feeling of ease, of carefree days wandering the shoreline.  

Give her a reminder to slow down, to coast a little.

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One of a kind jewellery designs for moms who rock their own unique style.

Mother's Day Gifts Guide: One of a Kind Jewellery by Mikel Grant Jewellery
Contemporary artisan jewellery pieces that celebrate her independent spirit.  Inspired by the colours and shapes of our hand selected gemstones, each of these designs are crafted by hand with love and intention.   Tell her you love her uniqueness with jewellery that is as one of a kind as she is. 
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Heart shaped jewellery for sentimental moms.

Mothers Day Gifts Guide Heart Jewellery by Mikel Grant Jewellery
Give her a lasting reminder of your love and affection with these sweet heart shaped jewellery pieces.  
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Handcrafted jewellery for under $100.

Mother's Day Gifts Guide: Jewellery $100 & Under by Mikel Grant Jewellery
Individually handcrafted jewellery at an easy-to-gift price.
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Let her choose with a Mothers Day Jewellery Gift Card.

Mothers Day Gifts Guide Gift Card by Mikel Grant Jewellery
Still not sure what she would love best?  Why not give her the gift of choice with a digital gift card that never expires!

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