Love Knot Jewellery Collection

Love is beyond language.  Love is immeasurable, intangible and eternal. 

We create symbols that represent and remind us of this love.  To carry with us and keep us connected to our loved ones.

The love knot is worn as a symbol of connection and protection.  An infinite knot, with no beginning and no end, symbolizes constancy and the eternal nature of love.  Each ring moves independently yet is inseparable from the others.  Free yet belonging.  Connected and protected.

Across time and cultures, knots in jewellery have been widely regarded as symbols of love, connection and protection.  From the Greeks and Romans to Chinese and Celtic knots to the Algerian love knot seen in modern Hollywood, this symbol of connection and protection draws on deep, meaningful roots.

Each piece in our Love Knot Collection honours this deep meaning and combines elegance, comfort and tradition.

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