Our Story


You are an original. You follow your heart. You cherish the authentic. Because of this, your treasures need to be made with intention, creativity and integrity in mind.

Mikel Grant Jewellery shares and embodies these ideals.

Together, we (Mikel and Kelly) are Mikel Grant Jewellery, a small business dedicated to creating exceptional jewellery that celebrates your journey. 



We began our journey together in 1989. Our paths took twisting, winding directions to bring us to this place. I pursued a career in science after graduating university while Kelly excelled as a chef and pub owner.

However, my career left me feeling stressed and unfulfilled. I made the decision in 2001 to quit the work that was making me unhappy and to just do what felt right. Making beautiful things for people to cherish. I have spent the last twenty years learning, developing my skills and feeling deeply grateful that the things I make are meaningful in people's lives.

Kelly made the decision to retire in 2013 and join the business full time and we took a chance. We relocated from Vancouver to the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC. This west coast paradise has always been a haven for artists because of its slower pace, abundance of nature and sense of independence.

It is here that we have created a place to share our lives and work together, crafting things we love, made for you to love.

We create every piece with you in mind.

Our designs are thoughtful.

We ensure that every piece is fully envisioned. Each piece is finished for comfort, style and durability. "In the round" is a term we like to use. For us, this means that every aspect of the piece needs to be considered.

An unfinished edge is sharp, a pre-made ear wire may be too small, and weighted incorrectly a pendant or earring may not hang true. We finish the edges, we hand fabricate our ear wires, we make sure it hangs correctly.

Our designs are creative.

The best way I can describe this is that we listen to the metals and stones and let this guide our process. Our aesthetic is modern, refined and joyful. We pay great attention to balance, execution and practicality.

Hand crafted instead of mass produced. Classic instead of trendy. Enduring designs that are original enough to showcase your individuality.

Our designs are made with integrity.

Our process is very traditional when it comes to metalsmithing. We use the same hammers, anvils, mandrels, heat and files in the same form and manner as has been done for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

From patterning to polishing, we choose mechanical techniques avoiding toxic processes and chemicals wherever possible. We choose recycled metals for nearly all of our designs and stones that come from responsible suppliers.

The need for adornment, to feel the weight of an object of meaning and beauty against your skin, is a strongly felt human desire. 

We understand this.

Because of our choices, intention and execution, our work connects us with you, and all of us to a deep, shared tradition. 

We make jewellery to celebrate your journey.