Three Ways to Cultivate Calm During Times of Anxiety

Equanimity.  It's a state I'm always working towards.  In stressful times we can get really caught up in our racing minds and anxieties and this can harm our well being.  As a person whose mind tends to imagine all the "what ifs" I know this very well.  So, I'd like to offer a few thoughts on how to cultivate some feelings of calm during these difficult times.



To help calm my mind I employ self care and mindfulness practices.  Right now, one of the self-care practices I am employing is limiting the amount of news I watch.   While it's important to stay informed it's also important to be critical.  Fear sells and there is no shortage of it available for consumption.   I have chosen to watch local updates once a day and I try to stick to that. 

When my thoughts start to tumble and fixate on an unknown future I accept these thoughts and refocus on being present.  Inhabiting this very moment in this very place.  Just this moment.  Focusing on the breath, mindful walking, mindful yoga and meditation all help to restore the anxious mind. 



Finding ways to be kind and be of service are great ways to focus our energy outwards that might otherwise be used for rumination.   We have reached out to our families, friends, neighbours and community and are seeing how we can be of service. 

Asking people who are isolated if they need assistance, maintaining our local economies by going to shops and spending money as we normally would (if possible) and contacting our families and friends to check in and express our love and appreciation are small, kindful contributions we can all make.



Being productive is always a simple way to keep focused and positive.  This can be keeping up regular routines, seasonal cleaning or yard work, or simply reading a book.  

We've been focusing on some spring cleaning, getting our garden ready for planting and working on new jewellery designs.  


Be mindful that this too, shall pass. 

Best wishes to all.

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