On Kindness

As I reflect on the immense grief, anger and hope of the last several days my heart & guts tell me I need to share some thoughts.

It has been our policy not to comment on social and political events though our business platforms.  This is not because we don’t care about injustice, violence, discrimination, unkindness & unfairness & all of the awful ways humans treat other humans.  It is because we care very very deeply.  This year alone we have experienced terrible tragedies here in Canada as well as in the US & other countries throughout the world.  We can become overwhelmed with the wrongs and injustices in our world.  So we take action in our personal lives to contribute to positive change.  And we strive to post positive, uplifting, kind & joyful content through our business.

With the exception of speaking out & standing up to violence in words & deeds, we also don’t believe in telling others what we think they should or shouldn’t do, but rather examine our own actions and try to always be better human beings.

However, we felt this was a necessary opportunity to share our core values & principles.  We believe every human has equal worth and has equal rights to safety, dignity & opportunity.  We hold kindness as our highest value and filter all of our personal and business decisions through this lens.  We vote, purchase, hire, create, consume, watch, read, tread, volunteer, donate, contribute, speak & listen with this filter at the forefront.

We also recognize that there is always more to be learned and better choices to be made.  So we will continue to listen, learn and become kinder human beings.  We start within our own hearts and enlarge the circle outward from there, treating all with kindness and respect.

Sending peace, love and light into the world today.

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